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The Gettin' Higher Choir site and its two companion sites were designed and created by RocketDay Arts of Victoria B.C.

I have been the web administrator for the GHC site's "Choir Life " section since early 2007 and I created all the pages and contents in that section in harmony with RocketDays design vision.


Bill Hanson is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is unfailingly cheerful, hard working, creative and solution oriented.

Shivon Robinsong,

Co-director, The Gettin' Higher Choir


You're doing a great job in the Members Area! * 



* now called the “Choir Life” section

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My client, The BC Fruit Testers Association, had a prototype site that was designed and partially built on a volunteer basis by a supporter to didn't have the time to finish the job. His design called for a light pinkish/beige page background plus content areas on some of the pages that each had a background in one of three shades of brown.  The combination of some pages having just the page background colour and others having one or more of these shades of brown content area pleased both my eye and that of my clients. In bringing the site to completion, therefore, I stayed as true to his design as I could. 

Unfortunately from my perspective the "what you see is what you get" (wysiswyg) program he used to build the prototype site positioned what content he had added to the pages using "layers" which is a system of controlling the style on pages that has been pretty much superceded by a much more flexible system called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).   With exception of staying true to the design, therefore, I rebuilt the site from scratch using CSS.

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I have built and maintained two web sites for Doug Paterson. The first was for his Harmonious Family Choir which he directed for about 4 years.  I designed and built that site specifically to be colourfully child-like in harmony with the rainbow masthead brought to me by Doug.  Unfortunately, he was never able to build a large, and consistent, enough membership to sustain it and he had to move onto other things. That first site no longer exists.  He is now involved in music in a variety of other ways as described in the second site I built, and continue to maintain for him.


Bill Hanson is an incredible resource person who connects with people on a heart channel.  His generosity of spirit, enthusiasm and problem solving skills make any project a pleasure.  The results are amazing!  I highly recommend his skills, patience and committment to any project you may wish to create.

Bill created my web sites and has made an incredible difference, adding a level of professionalism that I could never reach alone.

Doug Paterson, Founding Director

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These two very basic 1 and 2 page sites were built to the look and colour specifications of my client.  The major work in building the site was in preparing and posting the .pdf files that make up the majority contents. of both sites.


I wish to recognize the special working relationship I have enjoyed with Bill Hanson over the years.

I have appreciated his willingness to design websites reflecting my ideas. The communications between us was excellent, he offered suggestions and advice. The work was done in timely fashion. The result was a website attractive and elegant, a combination of my views and Bill’s considerable experience and good taste. More particularly, Bill’s considerable knowledge of colour, font, and text visuals was truly helpful.

Bill charges reasonable rates, the work is done on time as promised, the collaboration with the client is excellent and the results speak for themselves.

I warmly recommend Bill Hanson’s work and wish him the best of success in his endeavours.

Nikki Basuk, Writer, October 26, 2010

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I had to help this client gain access to, and control of, this existing site as he no longer had the required access codes and didn't know how to acquire them.  Since providing this primary service I have periodically up-dated the content for him.


It is a pleasure to write about how pleased I am with Bill Hanson's extraordinary computer competence in making some important changes to my website. He not only was able to access a website created by someone else, a process that had me stymied, but made revisions that improved the site. Moreover, I found his fee eminently reasonable. You can't get better and more pleasant service than this. I recommend him enthusiastically to anyone needing computer assistance.


Jack Haas, Ph.D.,
Professor Emeritus

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Healing Arts

This site no longer exists and the client has retired.


I had a partially completed web site that I asked Bill to finish for me. Keeping within the original color scheme and overall look he re-formatted the presentation of my graphics and text, added needed pages and improved the linkage throughout the site.

I was pleased with his work and his very reasonable prices and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Helle Kallas
, Energy Healer

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St. John's United Church 

The original version of this web site was created by someone else who subsequently moved on to other life paths. Initially, in June of 2005, I was asked to teach Linda who had taken on the responsibility for the site how to maintain it using DreamWeaver. In order to facilitate that I first simplified how the site was put together keeping the look the same as the original design. Linda then acted as webmaster for slightly over a year and a half until she decided that it was not the most effective use of her time.

In 2007 I was asked to take on webmaster responsibilities which I did until the end of November of 2010. Due to the budget set at that time my activities on the site never went beyond monthly updates with the look set by original designer and with the simplified structure I had created earlier remaining stable.

As of December 1, 2010 the webmaster duties were taken over on a volunteer basis by a church member who had the skills, interest, enthusiasm and the time to do more with the site than I could on the budget available.  He has done an excellent job in upgrading their site.


Bill Hanson was an incredible boon to St. John’s Church when he took over our website.   In 2005, another member and I began the website project on our own with guidance from Bill, but in September 2007 I asked Bill to take over responsibility as sole webmaster. This then freed us to carry on with other church endeavours which were more in tune with our talents.

Because Bill was adept at “seeing” what was needed from a media point of view, he was able to take the photos and texts describing our activities and beliefs, and present them in an easy to view website. We had been lost without someone of his skill to help us.

I would recommend Bill as webmaster to anyone who needs a skilled technician and craftsman to show the world whatever product or commodity they have to offer. As the saying goes, “Presentation is everything!”

Thanks Bill, for being there for me and for St. John’s. You were always gracious, patient, knowledgeable and quietly organized. That made my job of sending data and photos to you that much easier.

I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavours.


Linda Hembruff,
St. John’s United Church,
North Saanich, B.C.

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