Site Registration


WebEasy can help you, or act on your behalf to, register a web address (URL) of your choice.  If you already have an URL registered help in changing registrars is also possible if desirable.


Site Hosting


Depending on the type of site you want WebEasy can either host yours or help you to choose, and set-up hosting, with a suitable service.


Site Building


Wherever you choose to have your site hosted WebEasy can:

    > build a new site for you

    > make whatever changes to you want to an existing one, and

    > implement any required or desired future updates


Site Design


While WebEasy does not offer professional design services it does offer these design options:

  1. If you have clear ideas about what you want on your site, and how you want it to look, those ideas can be used to create a visually appealing and user friendly site for you that reflects and supports your preferences and goals.

  2. WebEasy can work with a designer of your choice to create your site. 

  3. The most economical approach, however, is to choose from the multitude of free, and for fee, web site templates that can easily be downloaded from the internet.

This "" site is an example of a site built from a free template. There are two other examples, with the same content, that you can check out from the links under "Theme Variations" in the sidebar. Such templates provide the basic structure and functionality for your site which WebEasy can adapt with your choice of colours, graphics, text and other content to suit your specific needs.

Two other examples of adapted free template sites are Intentional Community Projects & YESS!


Site Maintenance


On-going maintenance and upgrading is available for any WebEasy built site and for many site's built by other individuals or services.


Site Rescue


Have you been left with a site you don't even know how to access by the person who built it for you and is who now wandering along, out of touch, on a new and unknown life path?  Depending on the circumstances WebEasy may be able to rescue a site for which you have lost (or never had) the access codes or for which you have lost control of in some other way.




If you have articles, eBooks, music, speeches, seminars, tutorials, etc. in digital form that you would like to sell on your site I can set them up with payment through Stripe or Paypal.

If you want to sell through Ebay, Amazon, Estie or some other on-line sales site, with or without links from your site, but aren’t sure how to navigate the process we can go through it the first few times together until you are comfortable doing it on your own.

If you have hard goods that you want to sell on-line I may be able to help depending on how you want to approach it. I'm always open to discussing the art of the possible.


Do-It-Yourself Web Training


If being able to build and maintain your own web site would interest you I can get you started with personal one-on-one kickstart training (Victoria area only) based on you actually building it under my guidance. 

This process will:

help speed up and smooth out your learning curve,

clarify anything that is unclear to you and

allow me to suggest possibilities for your site that you might not think of yourself

By the time you have built your site with my help you will have the knowledge and confidence to maintain and update it as well as to build other sites that you might want in the future.

Once you are flying on your own I can be available for phone, email and/or remote viewing support as needed.

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