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Site Registration

Each URL registered = Registration cost plus my time (Usually $15-25 total per year for a single site but could be more for some site names)

Site registration fees are not refundable if the project is cancelled.

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Site Hosting

$60 per year per site


Any unused portion of the Hosting fee will be applied to the next, or the final, invoice issued to the client for WebEasy's services.

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Site Work



$40 per hour

Discount Programs

2% per hour Accumulated Hours Discount to a maximum of 20% on any one invoice

20% non-profit discount

Please note: These programs may not be used in conjunction with each other or with any other special offer

All current clients will receive at least 30 days notice of any changes to my hourly rate.  Discount rates and are subject to change without notice)


New client Deposits

New Site Creation $200

Existing Site Maintenance/Updating $100

Any unused portion of the Hosting fee will be applied to the client's next, or the final, invoice issued to the client for WebEasy's services.

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Quotes specifying a “probable cost range” are available on request to prospective clients who can provide a detailed site plan. Such clients will not be invoiced for more than the maximum "probable cost" quoted for any work specified in the plan.  Extra work resulting from additions to, or variations from, the plan will be invoiced separately.  

A prospective client without such a site plan may either:

1) engage WebEasy's services to help develop a plan at its standard hourly service rate and discounts. The resulting plan will be the property of the client whether or not they subsequently choose to engage WebEasy's services to build the site.

~ or when it is mutually agreed that it is practical to do so ~

2) engage WebEasy's services to proceed without a detailed site plan based on

     existing notes, graphics, examples, content, etc. provided by the client

     suitable templates chosen by the client, plus

     on-going discussions with the client

This second option is most feasible when the site is based on one of the multitude of web site templates that can be downloaded from the internet either for free or for a moderate fee. This is also usually the most economical approach as the client is only paying to have an existing template site modified to suit their specific needs instead of paying to have one designed and built from scratch. The cost to the client will ultimately, of course reflect the amount of modication he or she requests.

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Once WebEasy and a client have agreed to work together on a site project all the time spent in advising, research, preparation, meetings, communications, planning and otherwise working toward the completion of the project will be invoiced.

Building a web site will generally be invoiced at the following stages though there may be variations depending on the nature of the project:

(1) A paid invoice will be issued on receipt of the appropriate deposit

(2) If there is a balance owing over the amount deposited at the time a first draft of the site is posted privately on-line for inspection by the client WebEasy may choose to issue a second invoice.

Please note: The draft posted will contain the basic design elements (lay-out format, colour pallette, fonts, etc.) plus all the requested pages and possibly some actual page content.

(3) Once the draft has been approved by the client and has been publicly posted any balance owing may be invoiced.  Alternatively that balance, at WebEasy's discretion, may be included in its first monthly invoice if the client will be using WebEasy's on-going site maintenance and updating services.

4) All adjustments, maintenance, updating and upgrading work done on the site, subsequent to its public posting, will be invoiced monthly.

Please note all invoices are payable within 14 days

If a site building project, or an on-going site maintenance agreement, is cancelled by either party all un-paid services provided prior to that cancellation will be invoiced immediately.

Minimum Time Periods Invoiced

5 min. for any site work

10 min. for phone, email other communications,

20 minutes for meetings in my home office,

1 hour for meetings elsewhere in the Greater Victoria area
(includes 1/4 to1/2 hr travel time to the meeting depending on location).

Clients with projects that can be handled via telephone, internet, e-mail communications and remote viewing can, of course, utilize WebEasy's services from anywhere under the terms specified above.

Clients requiring a WebEasy representative's personal presence outside the Greater Victoria area of British Columbia, Canada must deposit a negotiated minimum fee that includes travel time and costs.

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