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WebEasy Services is one of a range of services I offer via my company Intentional Community Projects Inc. (see the sidebar menu to access IPC and its other services).

While that may sound bit formal, perhaps with a hint of the bureaucratic, the fact is that as the sole shareholder and sole service provider of ICP Inc. its WebEasy Services offers you my very personal services.

If you want a web site registered, hosted, built, updated, maintained or possibly even rescued WebEasy Services can help you with easy on the budget personal web site services.  

I invite you to explore the contents of this site. If you think what it is offering might suit your needs please contact me to discuss the art of the possible.

"The Possible" includes sites ranging from basic html informational sites to fully interactive content management sites that support members of social, business or community groups in communicating, interacting and sharing with each other for fun, profit and/or community benefit.

Contact WebEasy!

I can be contacted about WebEasy Services by email or by calling 250-920-4160 (9 to 9 pacific time weekdays)

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